Integrate Process Unit

Integrate Process Unit,

            the future of processing.



KOSME Integrate Process Unit


KOSME is now equipped with cleaning and product treatment systems, integrated in the filler. In combination with our machines, the Process Unit ensures the best possible result in terms of hygiene and product stability.


Integrated is the way to give the real add value to our customer.

TCO, less than any others solution.

Environment respect, less water and less chemical are required compare to conventional equipment

Less is better, for commissioning, for operator for production: “all in one”


Pre-assembled parts in one skid frame.


Compared to the past, the new solution is the creation of two machines powered by a single electric board and individually managed from a single control panel.


The immediate benefit is the reduction of plant and operating costs, as well as the single operator need.




Filler + CIP unit – up to now …

CIP Integrate Unit

Cip Models (Cleaning In Place)

CIP model 0

CIP model 1

CIP model 2

Mixer Integrated Unit

Carbonator Integrated Unit

Automatic Mixer :

- Models range: 9, 15 and 25 m³/h

Automatic Carbonator :

- Models range: 9, 15 and 25 m³/h

Kosme processing: Advantages

- Optimized piping and volumes: lower TCO


- Low environmental impact thanks to the minimized volumes of chemicals


- Reduced losses during product changeover


- Heating energy savings


- All operations controlled by a single panel


- Low cost for installation and commissioning


- Guaranteed performances


- Less complexity thanks to “all in one” smart design

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