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    Process technology
    Integrated mixer

    Integrated mixer

    Three different models of automatic mixers for 9, 15 and 25 cubic metres per hour are available, which may be added to the filler as a block.

    Designed for 9, 15 and 25 m³/h
    Vent through vacuum pump
    CO2 injection
    Puffer tank
    Max. CO2: 10 grams/litre
    Components of the dosing unit
    Highest pressure in the tank: 5,5 bar
    Maximum water infeed temperature: + 18 °C
    Minimum speed: 50% of the nominal flow
    Maximum syrup infeed temperature: + 25 °C
    Standard dilution ratio 1:5
     - Max. Dilution ratio 1:8 (*)
     - Min. Dilution ratio 1:2 (*)

    00 - Article 14305

    Optional equipment:

    - Flow control
    - CO2 and Brix analysis equipment with Maselli/Anton Paar
    - Plate heat exchanger