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Kosme operates at 360 ° in the design and construction of complete lines for Packaging & Beverage with customized solutions and according to a precise philosophy: high performance, high reliability and ease of use. Kosme, both with direct and agency sales, guarantees total coverage of the international territory. A young, flexible, motivated structure, present all over the world and able to provide innovative solutions.

The company is supported by internal specialists for technical advice and for the study of specific solutions for any application need. Thanks to the competence of its employees, the Kosme Assistance and Spare Parts service is fast and efficient. The number of employees and the tools available to the customer increase, year after year, in proportion to the number of Kosme machines installed in the world.

The network of Kosme subsidiaries and agents now extends over the five continents and guarantees high quality standards and an agile emergency service. Kosme today is a company capable of offering competitive and reliable alternative solutions in the vast world of Packaging & Beverage.


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Kosme Italy

Kosme Italy

Kosme s.r.l. was born in 1981 and immediately began the design and production of automatic LABELLING machines. It quickly established itself as a leading company and thanks to the success achieved in 1987, the company decided to expand its production range by entering the packaging machinery market by force, creating the current PACKAGING division. Palletisers, depalletisers, carton formers, case packers, carton closers are the main production elements of the division made both for medium-low production and for companies that require considerable workloads.

Over the years it has continuously expanded its production sectors, also entering as a protagonist in the filling sector with the FILLING division. From gravity fillers to net weight fillers, from rinsers to blow moulders, the filling division is enjoying the same success as the other company divisions.

In 2001, thanks to the partnership with Krones, a world leading company, Kosme strengthens and expands its production through the exchange of synergies and know-how with Krones, maintaining the essential characteristics that have made the company famous over the years: Customized solutions, high performance, high reliability and ease of use.

Kosme Austria

Kosme Austria

In 1989, Kosme Austria was founded in Sollenau, 40km south of Vienna, as Kosme Etikettiertechnik GmbH. The main focus of the company’s activities was initially on the sale of labelling machines and bottling lines, primarily to Eastern Europe. Five years later, in 1992, the company’s area of business expanded to complete plants for PET, cans and glass lines. In 1994, the development of the first linear PET stretch blow moulding machine began under the brand name KSB, with the first self-produced machine being delivered the very next year. 

In 2016, the new generation of rotary blow moulders with an output per station of up to 2.300 bph is introduced to the market as KSB 4R, KSB 6R, and KSB 7R. Further development of the linear technology by means of the KSB 2XXL.

Today Kosme can propose machines and lines to bottle containers up to 20 lt., linear and rotative!