Blowmoulder-Filler block
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    The SynchroBloc is the new machine designed to directly connect the Kosme technology for the bottle blow molding with the bottle filling, with no need of air conveyors. The single block for stretch blow moulding and filling carries tangible advantages to the customer:

    • The layout simplification thanks to the elimination of conveyors between the blow-moulder and the filler
    • Capital and running cost reduction
    • Water- and energy-saving
    • Reduction of format change-over times and, more generally, of maintenance. 
    • Need of one only operator
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    SyncroBloc presentation
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    - Transfer stations with short conveying and cooling distances for the bottles
    - Filling system which may be optionally connected with different filling valves
    - Modular design for the combination of several capper carousels
    - Simple line layout thanks to the elimination of transport paths between the blow moulder and the filler

    Kosme Blow Moulder cavities KSB R

    More time availability for processing thanks to the stops time reduction granted by the new patented sealing system and to the fast deaeration
    The simplified system of preform through the machine grants the maximum working reliability.
    Systems of production with low energetic consumption in the heating and stretch blow moulding
    High working flexibility and repetition precision  
    Excellent accessibility, utmost simple working and maintenance
    Utmost rapidity of the format change-over
    Bottles designed by Kosme

    Filling technology

    The special filling valves in electropolished stainless steel AISI 316 have been designed to grant perfect filling and to allow a quick as well as foamless production cycle.
    The filling valves grant total hygiene.
    Electropolished steel is more anticorrosive, thus saving the product integrity.

    Transfer table

    Thanks to the transfer table, remarkably less time involved for transport and cooling-off of the bottles with great advantages concerning less overall space previously covered by the air conveyors
    High precision of bottles transfer from the blowing area to the filling area thanks to the Krones grippers


    All of our fillers can be supplied with different capping towers in order to cover any possible application.
    The new modular design makes it possible to easily combine several capping towers.
    Towers completely made of rust-proof stainless steel AISI 304 are available (cleanable design).