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Supplier Code

    Supplier Code

    Dear Business Partners,
    In its Corporate Guidelines and Krones Code of Conduct, the krones group has committed to supporting and applying the fundamental principles of human rights, fair working conditions, sustainability and the fight against corruption.

    Krones would like its business partners to commit to these principles too, and to share its values with you. In this Supplier Code, the term „business partner“ is taken to include business partners on the purchase side, such as suppliers, service providers, licensors and licensees and other technology partners.

    This Supplier Code is an integral part of the sustainable corporate and business strategy and the Krones anti-corruption programme. Krones expects its business partners to follow the applicable legal standards such as the OECD Guidelines, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, and to work towards compliance with the stricter standards set out in this document.

    Business partners also undertake to monitor and actively promote compliance with the fundamental principles at all their sites and in all their activities. This is the basis for collaboration with a common sense of innovativeness, a willingness to embrace change and a consistent commitment to achievement.

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