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Kosme designs and manufactures a full range Packaging and Beverage lines, providing custom solutions based on the philosophy: high performance, highly reliable, simple to use. Kosme guarantees world coverage with direct sales and sales through agents. The worldwide, young, flexible, highly motivated organization will provide you with innovative solutions. Today, Kosme is a company that can provide you with competitive, reliable alternative solutions in the vast Packaging & Beverage industry. 

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Kosme Italy

Kosme Italy

Kosme s.r.l. was founded in 1981 designing and producing automatic labelling machines. Within a very short time the company became a market leader. Thanks to this success, in 1987 the company decided to increase the production offering by entering the packaging machine market forcefully, creating the current Packaging division. Palletizers, de-palletizers, case formers, cartoners, and case sealers are the main elements produced by this division. 

Kosme Austria

Kosme Austria

In 1989, Kosme Austria was founded in Sollenau, 40km south of Vienna, as Kosme Etikettiertechnik Gesellschaft mbH. The main focus of the company’s activities was initially on the sale of labelling machines and bottling lines, primarily to Eastern Europe. Five years later, in 1992, the company’s area of business expanded to complete plants for PET, cans and glass lines. In 1994, the development of the first linear PET stretch blow moulding machine began under the brand name KSB, with the first self-produced machine being delivered the very next year.

Following the development of further stretch blow moulding machines for manufacturing large containers up to 5.0 l, the company moved into a new production hall in 2000 and a dedicated mould-making facility was established. In 2001, the stretch blow moulding machines for large containers were developed further so that it was now possible to produce containers holding up to 10.0 l. Finally, the fastest linear stretch blow moulding machine hit the market in the shape of the D-Series.

In 2008, the first KSB 6R was delivered. At the same time, a 2-cavity blowmoulder for big PET containers up to 30.0 l was developed. The first KSB 6R Synchroblock with a filler from Kosme Italy was developed and delivered in 2009.

This year also saw the delivery of the first rotary machine for big containers up to 6.0 l. Due to the success of the KSB 6R was produced in 2010 as a solution for big containers and Synchroblocks. In 2011, the KSB 4L was refined, also considering Preferential Heating for production of strongly oval containers. One year later, in 2012, production of the KSB 4R and KSB 6R with ProShape technology for production of strongly oval containers with an output per station up to 2,000 bph incl. neck orientation was started. A 1-cavity blowmoulder for up to 30.0 l containers was developed in 2013.

At the same time, the KSB 8R with an output of up to 16,000 bottles per hour was included in the production portfolio. In 2014, the first KSB 8R blowmoulding machines have been successfully commissioned in different parts of the world.

The next year, on the basis of the KSB 2XL standard machine, the KSB 2XL Special version was developed for bottle sizes up to 15 l. In addition, the KSB 2XL is now also available as PH machine for oval containers. The first ProShape SynchroBloc was successfully started up for detergents.

In 2016, the new generation of rotary blowmoulders with an output per station of up to 2.300 bph is introduced to the market as KSB 4R, KSB 6R, and KSB 7R. Further development of the linear technology by means of the KSB 2XXL.

Delivery of the first 3Bloc takes place in 2017. In addition to the blowmoulder and the filler, the labelling machine is blocked as well, which constitutes a very space and cost saving solution.

The last year sees the release of KSB 4R, 6R, 7R current generation S4 for an output per station of 2.500 bph, the delivery of the first KSB 3XL with a max. bottle volume of 10,0 l, the presentation of the newly developped KSB 3RC and KSB 4RC (C=Compact) during Brau in Nuremberg. Oven and blowing wheel are positioned on one common platform – with an output per station of 2.200 bph.