Canto - Can filler

In addition to fillers for glass and PET bottles, Kosme has been supplying can filling models since 2020. Kosme Canto filler is dedicated to the low output range. Depending on cans volume, the filler is capable of safely filling at speeds up to 14.000 cans per hour, while naturally meeting the same high quality and safety standards for can filling.

-    Filling valve with pneumatically controlled centering bell without lifting cam
-    Volumetric filling by inductive flow meter for filling quantity measurement
-    Separate Snift return channel
-    Product tank on top of the valve skid to minimize product losses

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Canto presentation
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The best canning solution on the market for low output range:
- Gentle can handling without lifting jack
- Motorized height adjustment
- High filling quality with performance values comparable with high speed Krones machines
- Top hygienic design of filling valves with Teflon bellows
- Roof Table type for easy cleaning of external surfaces

The seamer has been specially developed to meet the needs of the modern craft breweries: 
- Simple operation, full integration into the filler panel
- Minimal maintenance required (6000 hrs)
- No greasing necessary due to a complete closed loop-oil lubrication system
- Long life due to the use of stainless steel and other corrosion-free materials