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Volufill VODM

    Volufill - Volumetric Filler

    The new filling line Volufill represents a perfect example of simplicity and flexibility of Kosme to ensure the highest quality and reliability in any situation. Thanks to the high reliability of the electronic filling valves (flowmeter) and the electropneumatic management, the duty cycle is done fast and without foam, safeguarding the integrity of the product. The Volufill guarantees many possible combinations with rinsers and cappers to meet all customer requirements.

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    Primafill presentation
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    - High filling angle thanks to the technical measurement of the flow value
    - Easy charge programming
    - High hygienic standards in the filling area
    - Easy installation of dummy bottles for CIP
    - Optimized materials to ensure hygiene
    - Extremely flexible system
    - Maximum precision of the filling process thanks to the flowmeter