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    KSB Linear

    The KSB L series are Kosme’s next-generation linear stretch blow moulders. Kosme has an impressive track record in the production of many different container and bottle types, and this expertise has been channeled into the design of the linear PET blow-moulders. Each and every detail enhances the reliability, ease of use and flexibility of these machines which offer an optimal price performance ratio as a “standard feature”. The KSB L series produces containers in the 0.5 – 30.0 litres range and a speed range up to 3.600bph. The machines can handle a very large variety of preforms.

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    KSB Linear presentation
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    System advantages:

    - Top-quality bottles
    - Energy efficient
    - Precision bottle production
    - Quick semiautomatic mould change
    - Air recycling, intermediate blowing
    - Optionally: ceramic reflectors
    - Optionally: preferential heating module for oval bottles
    - User-friendly operation