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    Two-column automatic machine specially designed for medium size productions for depalletizing plastic crates. The depalletization takes place with a lifting system of the complete layer on the unloading table equipped with a 90 ° one-way outfeed. The machine is also equipped with motorized pallet transports and an automatic warehouse for the storage of empty pallets.

    Text - Multdepal Crates

    Main machine components and options
    - Multidepal (depalletizing machine with 26sec. cycle time)
    - Crates unloading bench with 90 ° one-way outfeed
    - Automatic warehouse for empty pallets storage
    - Motorized pallet conveyors to allow continuous operation of the machine
    - Electrical cabinet
    - Pulpit with touch-screen control panel
    - Perimeter safety protections with mesh panels
    - Any access inside the working perimeter of the machine is allowed only through doors with micro-interlocked or if open, is controlled by photoelectric barriers

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